This Model N was a later,modified version which was built during the 1930s at Ford's new Dagenham factory near London. In the period between the First and Second World Wars, the Fordson was a crucial factor in the gradual
shift from horse to tractor power on British farms.

This tractor was reputedly first registered in 1937/ 8. The accompanying instruction book was printed in 1933. It was purchased in unrestored condition by Mr. Long in 1975 from a collector in Farnham, and has now been fully restored to working condition; sand blasted and re-painted by Mr. Long himself.


anno 1929

Potenza: HP 25

Cilindrata: cc 4125

Accensione: Magnete

Marce: 3+1

Combustibile: Petrolio

Unità prodotte: 30.000